Leonard Nimoy Thalia
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Thalia Floor PlanThe Leonard Nimoy Thalia: a multi-use theatre

  • 168 seats (includes 6 wheelchair locations)
  • Theatre, stage and backstage wheelchair accessible
  • Infra-red system for hearing enhancement
  • Stage: 19' wide (at apron) x 11' deep
  • Stage height 38" (from floor to stage)
  • Stage floor to grid 11' 6"
  • Stage (apron) to tech booth: 50'
  • Film screen to tech booth: 61'
  • Floor: black sprung wood
  • Stage lighting and dimmer system: 24/48 ETC Express Board
  • Sound system | Sound Equipment Inventory
  • Adjustable acoustical panels on side walls
  • Piano: Steinway 6'11" Model B Classic Grand, tuned to A440 (pitch standard)
  • Projection: Dual Reel-to-Reel 35mm projectors with silent speed capability, Panasonic PT-EZ570 HD digital projector (5000 lumens projector brightness, 1920x1200 native resolution, 5000:1 contrast ratio, HDMI/DVI/Component/VGA input capability)
  • Digital Sources: Blu-Ray, DVD (NTSC & PAL), HDMI, laptop, and other digital sources are possible if presenter provides appropriate decks and cables (upon approval).
  • Projection screen: fixed, perforated screen 20' wide x 8.5' high at largest aspect ratio (Cinemascope)
  • Additional equipment: 12 chairs, 2 bass stools, 12 music stands, 1 - 4'x4' platform with 8" legs (no skirting)
  • Dressing rooms: 1 star w/ bathroom and shower; 2 chorus w/ 1 bathroom & 1 shower, couch, refrigerator & water fountain
  • Box office: computerized system with window, phone, on-line ticketing
  • Equipment inventory
  • Staffing: box office, house, technical (advisor)
Note: Entire Leonard Nimoy Thalia is completely wheelchair accessible, including tech booth, stage and dressing rooms and contains an infrared system for audience hearing enhancement.