Gifts Of Appreciated Securities
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Gifts of appreciated securities can be made at any time — to make a current year contribution or as your bequest to Symphony Space. Capital gains from the sale of stocks, bonds and other assets normally incur federal and, in some cases, state income taxes, but the capital gains tax may be avoided by using appreciated property such as securities to make a charitable gift to Symphony Space. If you have owned the property for at least a year, you usually may take a deduction based on the property's full value. (The tax savings will vary depending on the type of property, amount of the increased value, etc.)

If securities have decreased in value since you bought them, it is usually better to sell the securities and donate the cash proceeds to Symphony Space. You may then be able to claim tax deductions for both the capital loss and the charitable gift, which can bring your deduction to more than the current value of the property.

Symphony Space's Director of Development will be pleased to advise you on how to make a gift of appreciated securities to Symphony Space.

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